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What's happening????

Registration is open for those looking to wrestle this year. Practices will be starting first week of January 2023.

Cardinal Kids and Junior Cardinal Wrestling – Grades 5k-8

Beginner to advanced wrestling program focusing on fun, fitness & introduction to wrestling basics.

Location: Riverside South Balcony – Wrestling Room

  • Registration in person Jan. 3rd w/ Parents meeting and open practice 6pm

  • Practice Attire: Clean shorts or sweatpants, clean T-shirt.

  • Shoes should be clean shoes that aren’t worn outside or Wrestling shoes.

  • All kids will receive a T-shirt with entry

  • 4k can participate if not disruptive.

  • Dates/times may change.

  • Email for any questions.







5k-2 Beginner

Jan 9 - Feb 13



$25 per child

May have more sessions

5k-2 Advance

Jan 9 - Feb 13



$25 per child

May have more sessions

3rd-8th Club

Jan 3 - Mar 16

Tues, Thurs

6:15pm - 7:45pm

$75 per child

Includes USA Card

6th - 8th

Theisen, Sabish and Woodworth have a middle school program. They can still attend club programs after middle school practice as well. 


Jared Esala

Varsity Head Coach

Peter Feldner

Club President

Fondy_Wrestling Fond du Lac Wrestling Fondy_Wrestling

Learning the Sport

Fond du Lac Wrestling Club

The Fond du Lac High School Wrestling team was established in 1976 and is the accumulation of many feeder programs in the district. Our wrestling club sponsors the Youth wrestling groups, the Cardinal Kids and the Junior Cardinals. The high school is fed by three area middle schools. 

Our program is defined by its long history of conference, regional, sectional, and state champions. We are proud of our student athletes for the hard work and commitment it takes to maintain a high level of excellence. Wrestlers who complete this program are honorable and respected members of our community and society.

We encourage wrestlers in grades 3-12 and coaches to purchase USA Wrestling memberships at the beginning of the season. There are many benefits to having this card for the athlete, including secondary sports accident insurance. If interested in purchasing a card click here, or talk to a coach if you have more questions. 


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