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Marty Loy Classic


Saturday, December 21, 2013
Fond du Lac High School (Fans enter through door #14)

UPDATE: Burlington HS is closed today/Friday due to incelement weather, thus all varsity wrestlers will receive a 1-lb allowance at weigh-ins on Saturday morning

We will be running a one-day tournament with 24 teams participating. We will be using a 16-man bracket with rattails to determine our final 16 competitors. We will wrestleback to 5th. All wrestlers will be seeded from 1-24. Those wrestlers seeded 1-8 will be automatically entered and seeded into the 16-man championship bracket. If a bracket has less than 24 wrestlers, the next highest seeded wrestlers will be added to the championship bracket. All lower seeds will wrestle in rattails to get into the scoring 'championship' tournament. Rattail matches will not count for team scoring. Winners of the rattails will be seeded into the 16-man championship draw. Losers of the rattails will be placed in a non-team scoring 'consolation' bracket so that they may get additional varsity matches.

This format allows us to hopefully seed well and decrease the chances that the WIAA daily 5-match rule will come into effect. In the case that a wrestler who competed in a rattail match does wrestle back to the 5-8th places, that would be his 6th match of the day and he would not be able to compete. Thus those 2 wrestlers would share the placement and split the team points.

We will also be hosting a JV tourney simultaneously. JV's will be pre-weighed in by coaches and weights submitted prior to tourney. JV bracket will be 8-man champiosnhip format with hopefully three matches for all wrestlers. Winners of each bracket will win a medal and wall chart.

Schedule- Saturday, December 21st

7:30am- Varsity Weigh-in(all teams need to be in small gym by 7:30am) JV's do not weigh-in as they are pre-registered by coaches but they must be present for skin check. JV's wrestle first at 8am so they need to begin warming up immediately.

Wrestling will be continuous throughout day on 10 mats with no breaks.
8am- JV Round 1
Varsity Rattails (matches 1-8) (about 9:15am start)
Varsity Round 1 (matches 9-16, 51-54) Rattail competitors will wrestle later in round after 45 minute rest
JV Round 2
Varsity Round 2 (matches 17-24, 55-58) (about Noon start)
JV Round 3 (JV awards will be given out after JV Round 3) (about 1:45pm)
Varsity Round 3 (matches 25-28, 59-61) (about 2:45pm)
Varsity Round 4 (Semifinals, matches 29-32) (about 3:30pm)

Approximately 5:30pm- Varsity Round 5 (will start earlier if possible) Championship, 3rd, 5th and 7th place matches on 4 mats

Medals will be given to the JV champion and to the top 5 placewinners in the Varsity tournament. Champions will receive wall-chart. An Outstanding Wrestler award will also be given out. The traveling trophy, Challenge Cup, will be awarded to the team champion. Wausau West is the defending champ and is responsible for bringing the trophy to this year's event.

Preliminary seeding will be handled by with final seeding being done by the seeding committee directed by officials and the tournament director. Final seeding meeting will be held at 5pm on Friday, December 20, 2013. Seeds will not be released and brackets will not be constructed until after weigh-ins to eliminate scratches and those that did not make weight. Coaches need to make sure they follow the procedures and know the deadlines for lineup changes, etc.

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